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The Chicago Bears have arguably the most storied history in the National Football League, thus becoming a legend while wearing the orange and blue has many perks. Many of these so called perks allow an athlete to enjoy the fruits of his labor off the field as well. The Brian Urlacher girlfriend history paints a picture that most fans can only dream about.

What’s Brian Urlacher Girlfriend Material?

The list is long and filled with a lot of blonde-haired, wild-eyed women, so let’s just start from the beginning as we work our way through the ups and down of Urlacher’s wild and crazy love life.

To describe Urlacher’s taste in women, try to picture a woman somewhere in-between Katey Sagal’s character of Gemma in FX’s ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ and real life Tara Reid. Safe to say he enjoys a nutjob who is ready to party.

Brian Urlacher Girlfriend

Urlacher pictured with Erin from the VH1 show Rock of Love.

Urlacher’s fast and furious style on the football field appears to be a reflection of how he enjoys spending his time away from it.

The Brian Urlacher Girlfriend Timeline

Prior to dating high-profile models such as Paris Hilton and Jenny McCarthy, Brian was married and subsequently divorced, while having three children along the way with two different women.

Nearly every relationship Urlacher was involved in came under heavy scrutiny from the public eye and often called into question his character.

The woman who knew Brian best, before he simply became known as “Urlacher”, was his wife Laurie.

Brian Urlacher Girlfriend, Brian Urlacher, Laurie Urlacher

Before Urlacher moved to Chicago to join the Bears, he settled down and married Lauire (left) who soon gave birth to their first daughter, Pamela.

Laurie Faulhaber (2000-2004)

In March 2000, not yet 22 years old, Urlacher married Laurie Faulhaber and she quickly fell head over heels for Brian.

“He’s the most modest person I know. And he’s the most trustworthy person I’ve ever met…. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

The couple didn’t waste time buying a house in Lake Bluff, Illinois and shortly thereafter had their first daughter, Pamela, on December 13, 2000. Laurie was quick to mention that Brian was extremely thoughtful and considerate during the early portion of their marriage.

“And he doesn’t have a temper. Even when I try to start a fight, he won’t.”

At the age of 22, Urlacher found himself in a strange situation; married, a father-to-be and yet all the money he could ask for, fresh off signing a five-year contract worth $8 million dollars.

This is when the spending began. Cars for his entire family, a house for his stepfather, state of the art game room, so on and so forth. Things were good.

In August of 2001, during an all-access interview, Sporting News Magazine took an inside look at Brian Urlacher during his second training camp with the Chicago Bears. Urlacher was coming off a season in which he was name Defensive Rookie of the Year and on his way to becoming a superstar.

The interview, read in its entirety, highlights a much different side of Urlacher from the one we grew to know towards the end of his playing days. His 13-year career was highlighted by eight trips to the Pro Bowl, but began just like any other, by busting his ass in training camp and trying to maintain some sense of a family life via daily telephone conversations with his wife.

His bare right arm, already noticeable because of its muscle mass, is distinguished further by a barbed wire tattoo that encircles his biceps. He chose that design, while attending the University of New Mexico, because “it looked the coolest.” On his left pectoral is a smaller tattoo, an infinity symbol with an arrow and a heart. “It stands for endless love,” he says. “My wife has one just like it. But you can’t put that in. The other players will think I’m a candy-ass.”

He was a family man, who was deeply in love.

That year, Urlacher was named Football Digest NFL Defensive Player of the Year and finished fifth in NFL MVP voting; however, the Bears lost in the first round of the playoffs.

In 2002, he broke the Bears all-time record for tackles in a season racking up 151 stops and the following year he is rewarded with a nine-year contract worth over $56 million dollars. He has the world by the balls, right? Wrong.

During his on the field success, his personal life was suffering which led to Brian filing for divorce in 2003. The very next year, after just four years of marriage, the couple was officially divorced and it seemed to be fairly amicable, but extremely complicated.


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