Chicago Sports - In a recent report published by Rolling Stone, Chicago was referenced as having one of the 15 worst owners in sports, but it’s not who you think.

The Ricketts family, current owner of the Chicago Cubs,  was ridiculed by Rolling Stone Magazine for spending a ton of money that isn’t theirs. Even though Joe Ricketts has an estimated worth of over $1 billion, the family is considered extremely cheap and frugal.

Thomas Ricketts

“Despite telegenic public tiffs with Hizzoner Rahm Emanuel that pit entrepreneurs against the predation of BIG GUBMINT, the family that made its money off securities and online brokerage is otherwise behind-the-scenes chummy with that union-busting creep who just got dinged for accepting illegal donations from pension managers.”

Due to the recent hype surrounding the Chicago Cubs and the 2015 season, most Chicago fans would have picked Virginia McCaskey as the worst owner in sports. Outside of the family negligence regarding the Chicago Bears’ level of success for the last 10 years, the woman single-handedly eliminated The Honey Bears.

That deserves a vote based on principle alone.

Luckily for the Ricketts family, the hiring of Theo Epstein seems to have masked any wrong doing for the time being.

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