VIDEO: Chicago Bears Fan Embarrassed After Madden Game vs. Panthers

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Tyler Lyon, Youtube user, decided to record his Madden game against the Carolina Panthers to provide a simulation for yesterday’s contest… it didn’t go as planned.

41 Minute Video

After he records a 41 minute video, capturing every single play, Lyon is quite embarrassed with the outcome. The Panthers beat his ass 35-17 and Cam Newton didn’t throw one incomplete pass the whole game. He’s obviously not good enough to play on “All-Pro”.

I don’t know what’s worse, the real Chicago Bears’ defense or this guy’s Maddden skills.



The End Is The Best

After taking a 35-17 trouncing, Lyon apologizes to all the fans on Youtube saying he hopes the real game doesn’t turn out like his. If you fast forward to the 40 minute mark, you will hear him start apologizing for how badly the game has gone.

“I’m sorry I had to expose you to all this” – Lyon says.

“Hopefully the real game goes better than this..” – Ya think!?

He asks people to write comments and subscribe to his channel, how could he be sold bold after this ass whoopin’? That’s like Marc Trestman walking up to the podium after a loss and asking people to buy girl scout cookies.

Obviously this guy is a curse, and should probably retire that Urlacher jersey along with his Madden career.

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