Tom Brady Reminisces When He Undressed Brian Urlacher in the Open Field...

Tom Brady Reminisces When He Undressed Brian Urlacher in the Open Field [VIDEO]

The last time the Chicago Bears traveled to Foxborough to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, inside the always rowdy Gillette Stadium, it didn’t go particularly well. Not only for the Bears, but for future Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher.

Tom Brady Hits the Juke Button

In the video you will see a crucial 3rd-and-9, early in the 4th quarter, in which Brady drops back to pass and decides he is going to scramble for the first down. Bad idea right, as Urlacher is actually spying the QB and licking his chops when he sees No. 12 burst through the line.

That’s when it all goes wrong. Brady, not exactly known for his feet, jukes Urlacher out of his jock strap on his way to picking up a huge first down. Shortly thereafter, Brady found Ben Watson in the back of the end zone to give the Patriots the lead for good.

Brady Will Never Forget It

As long as Brady is the quarterback of the Patriots, this play will always be mentioned when the Bears come to town.

“Somehow that always gets brought up, too, when we play these guys,” Brady told reporters Wednesday in Foxboro. “There weren’t many of those (plays) in my career, so it’s pretty easy to count them all on one hand when something like that happens.”

Brady actually surprised himself and you can tell how fired up he was about it.

“I think I had the benefit of having the ball in my hand, so I kind of pumped it and he got a little off balance,” Brady said. “Yeah, I think it still surprised a lot of guys on my team, and it surprised me, too. It probably surprised him.”

It’s one of those plays you tell the kids about when you’re sitting around the dinner table at Thanksgiving with the Detroit Lions taking on the Chicago Bears playing in the background.

“They’re probably still too young to know that at this point. To figure out what dad does yet is still kind of confusing for them,” Brady said. “One day, you’re right. He’ll be in the Hall of Fame someday, so it’ll probably be the only time I’ve made a Hall of Famer miss.”

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