State Farm Center Flooded


Fantastic news has come back regarding the floor in the State Farm Center. The playing surface won’t need to be replaced or repaired in any way despite taking on some water earlier this week.

Original Story

Early Tuesday morning, storm water began to enter the State Farm Center, home of the University of Illinois basketball team.

“A storm line blockage caused water to back up into the building, where it eventually made its way down to the event floor and reached the basketball court. A few inches of water accumulated on the floor bringing it level with the court.”

The flooding occurred just days after the rebranded floor had been put into the State Farm Center. Here’s what the new court looked like before the flooding occurred:

Here’s what the court looks like as of Wednesday afternoon, as work crews try to dry the court as quickly as possible:

Regardless of whether or not the floor needs to be replaced, the court will be ready for the Fighting Illini’s first game, a November 7th exhibition against Quincy.

“The condition of the court will continue to be evaluated over the next few days… This incident will not affect Illinois’ game schedule.”

This story will be updated as more details become available.

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