These Pics Prove Celebrities Love Chicago Sports Too

These Pics Prove Celebrities Love Chicago Sports Too

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When you think of sports, the cities most often associated with die-hard fans are places like New York, Boston, Philly, perhaps even Pittsburgh– and of course Chicago.

One thing that separates Chicago from all these other cities is the way in which the athletes are celebrated and in some ways even worshiped.

Ditka, Jordan, Sweetness, Rose, Santo, Thomas, and even Sosa before the corks and bleach.

Chicago has its fair share of hometown celebrities, but even its actors and musicians turn into bright eyed little children cheering in the stands of their favorite teams.

In Chicago actors are celebrities, athletes are Gods.

The following is proof that celebrity Chicagoans love their teams just as much as you do.


Makes sense Ari Gold would represent Vince Vaughn, but Ralphie too?!

Jeremy Piven and Vince Vaughn were both born in Chicago and are huge fans of all Chicago teams (minus the Sox, they are Cub fans).

You may recognize the guy in the middle wearing the terrific blazer as Ralphie from a Christmas Story. His name is Peter Billingsley and was actually born in New York. Who knew he was a Blackhawks fan but judging by his face and again, that blazer, he must be.

Also, who knew he was buddies with Piven and Vaughn?

Good stuff.

Also check out this collection of commercials Piven did for the Blackhawks. The first one is fantastic.

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