The Chicago Bulls have struck out on top free agents the past couple of seasons. Most notably, Carmelo Anthony who opted for more money in returning to the New York Knicks. The Bulls decided to take a different route this past summer after losing out on the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes. The Bulls brought in Pau Gasol, Nikola Mirotic, and drafted Doug McDermott. These great off-season pick ups still don’t solve their problem of a pure scorer. Jimmy Butler averaged 13.1 PPG last season for the Chicago Bulls as their two guard option. Butler is not the right answer for the Bulls when it comes to a pure scorer. Jimmy shot just  39% from the field in the regular season, and he is not counted on as a player that can “go off on any given night”.

There are a few big name free agents in the summer of 2015 such as Rajon Rondo, LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol, and Rudy Gay. There is also a young shooting guard that not many people are talking about quite yet. Wesley Matthews is set to hit the free agent market next summer. The 27 year old guard out of Marquette averaged 16.4 PPG last season for the Portland Trailblazers. Matthews shot 44% from the field and just under 40% from the three point line last season.


One might look at the stats between Butler and Matthews and say “What is the big difference between the two, because their stats are very similar”. The main difference is the threat that Matthews possess, he can score it. A team filled with two dynamite scorers in LaMarcus Aldridge and Damien Lillard, Matthews still managed to average over 16 PPG in a fantastic season for the Portland Trailblazers. Matthews is not the type of player you can forget about, because if you do, he will make you pay for it. Butler is not nearly as big of an offensive threat compared to Wesley. Keep your eye out for the Bulls next free agency and Wesley Matthews may be the name that pops up!

Source(s): BasketballPlayerzz, NWSportsBeat

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