Oh the old what if game. What if Bartman never tried catching that foul ball back in 2003? The Cubs were so close but so far from a World Series birth, and now a Cubs World Series shirt has surfaced to bring back the painful memories.

Mark Suppelsa

WGN-TV news anchor Mark Suppelsa has revealed that he in fact owns a Cubs World Series shirt and let tells the story of how he got the shirt.

“I was anchoring our coverage from outside Wrigley every night of the 2003 Pennant series.

Moments before the Bartman ball incident, I ran from the Wrigley field-side camera well toward the TV live truck location outside the ballpark. It felt as if the Cubs were going to win it, so I had to get prepared for the broadcast. On my way out, I noticed a big box of t-shirts under a souvenir seller’s cash register stand. I convinced her to quickly sell me one of the Pennant Champion t-shirts because it looked like the Cubs were on their way to victory. By the time I got to the live truck location, the Bartman incident had just happened and the rest is history.”

Cubs World Series Shirt

Eric Karros

The shirt isn’t the only thing to resurface this week, as Eric Karros brought the Cubs World Series hat that the team received in their locker room during Game 6.

These items that were never supposed to be made are now just reminders of what could have been.