Michael Irvin Retracts His Preseason MVP Pick, Jay Cutler

Michael Irvin Retracts His Preseason MVP Pick, Jay Cutler

"Cutler Was MVP Caliber In The Preseason" - Michael Irvin

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As many of you know, two NFL analysts were very vocal about the Chicago Bears’ potential this preseason… Brian Billick and Michael Irvin. Irvin went on to choose Jay Cutler as his preseason MVP selection, he spoke about that recently.

Cutler Looked Like A MVP

When Irvin visited the Chicago Bears’ training camp during the preseason he said he saw a few different things. The first thing he saw was a gigantic receiving core featuring 6’4″ Brandon Marshall, 6’3″ Alshon Jeffery and 6’6″ Martellus Bennett. The second was an All-Pro running back in Matt Forte who is currently ranked second in the league in receptions and fifth in rushing yards. The third was an offensive wizard commanding the Chicago Bears, this was second year head coach Marc Trestman of course.

After Jeffery put on a show catching footballs with one hand and Irvin’s time was wrapping up at Chicago Bears training camp, he noticed one more thing… Jay Cutler. He noticed a ‘new’ Jay Cutler that he hadn’t seen before.

“We made those preseason picks and you make them off what you have assessed in the preseason,” Irvin said. “In the preseason I thought Cutler was looking great.”

Cutler’s impression on Irvin followed him all the way back to the studio where he picked him to win the 2014 NFL MVP. Unfortunately for Chicago Bears fans, things didn’t work out that way. Chicago is 3-5 on the season and Cutler has 12 turnovers … even though he’s on track to have the most efficient passing season of his career (95.8 QBR), nobody cares about loses.

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Irvin Gets ‘Killed’ Over It Now

Irvin recently spoke to the Chicago Tribune about his pick and said he definitely hasn’t forgotten about it.

“I get killed on that all over,” Irvin said. “Every time I call in to a radio show that is the first thing they ask me.”

The Hall of Famer went on to speak more about Cutler’s ‘problems’ and what the source could be. Irvin indicated that Cutler has a hard time “letting plays go” and that he simply can’t rely on arm strength alone to get the job done in the NFL.

“I think that is a tough thing to get for a gunslinger because your arm, all through your life, has always won. And now that arm strength won’t always win and that is a tough acceptance.”

As the Chicago Bears watch 2014 slowly wash away, it’s hard to accept that Jay Cutler is 1-9 against the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears have only made the playoffs one-time in six seasons with him.

People in Chicago would really like to see Cutler start earning that $54 million in guaranteed money he got paid back in January… the only way to do that is with wins.

Bear Down.

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