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Remember Jay Cutler’s knee injury back in the 2010 NFC Championship game that sidelined him for the second half? If not, you probably live under a rock. Chicago lost to Green Bay, 21-14.

Jones-Drew Says Cutler Is A Quitter

In any regard, Maurice Jones Drew was very quick to criticize Cutler’s toughness, along with the rest of the nation. Especially after ESPN reported that Cutler left the game with a “knee sprain.”

“Hey I think the urban meyer rule is [in] effect right now… When the going gets tough……..QUIT,” Jones-Drew posted on his Twitter page.

Then he followed it with this:

The Chicago Bears reported that Cutler had a Grade-2 MCL Sprain, but ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell, who did not examine Cutler, said all sprains could be tears since there is some form of tissue damage. That was ESPN’s way of saying Cutler wasn’t tough enough.

MJD Apologizes In Recent Interview

In a recent interview, MJD said he was wrong to criticize Cutler. “Nobody should ever question a man’s toughness, I was wrong to do that” Jones-Drew told Sirius XM Radio.

Go to the 2:00 mark

It’s pretty funny to hear Jones-Drew’s reference to closing his eyes while throwing a halfback pass, basically giving more props to Cutler. The tweets, back in early 2011, garnered a lot of attention and started a train of questions that have plagued Cutler’s career. Some think he will never be tough enough for Chicago after this debacle.



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