Hands Down the ABSOLUTE Worst Trophy Presentation of All-Time

Hands Down the ABSOLUTE Worst Trophy Presentation of All-Time

Madison Bumgarner, San Franciso Giants, Chevy, Trophy Presentation

When we look back at the 2014 MLB Playoffs there will be plenty of amazing moments both on and off the diamond, with the overwhelming majority of those centered around San Francisco’s ace Madison Bumgarner.

Bumgarner was an absolute workhorse this entire season, throwing over 217 regular season innings and 50 more in the playoffs which culminated in him going 3-0 in the World Series and winning the MVP award.

The presentation of the MVP trophy was brought to us by Chevy’s Rikk Wilde and holy smokes was this a disaster. This poor sap couldn’t even get through the one minute presentation without running out of breath as he choked on every other word that he happen to have written down on index cards.

Really Chevy?

Oh, did I mention the truck they gave to Bumgarner has been recalled earlier this month because the damn air bags don’t work properly. Touch ‘em all Chevy, touch ‘em all.

I mean who wouldn’t want a truck with “um class winning, and leading um, I mean technology and STUFF…”

Luckily, Sports Mockery was able to capture one fan’s reaction to the trophy presentation and let’s just say this sums it up quite beautifully.

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