GAME PICK: Chicago Bears Vs. Miami Dolphins

GAME PICK: Chicago Bears Vs. Miami Dolphins

Jay Cutler - Chicago Bears

The experts have weighed in and it’s time for Sports Mockery to do the same.  Here is the prediction for the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins tilt.


Jay Cutler and Ryan Tannehill Trying To Limit Mistakes

There is no doubt this game is about the quarterbacks, both the good and the bad.  Ryan Tannehill and Jay Cutler each have loads of talent and can light up defense when they have things rolling.  However, they both also have problems turning the ball over and it’s cost their teams games this season.  A lot of how this matchup goes will depend heavily on which of them can better limit their mistakes rather than maximize their numbers, especially as each faces a pretty good pass rush.

Key Matchup

Alshon Jeffery/Brandon Marshall against Cortland Finnegan

The front seven of the Dolphins defense is very good but analysts continue to have reservations about their secondary.  While they boast the 9th overall pass defense, age has become a primary issue for their cornerbacks.  Brent Grimes is 32 while Corteland Finnegan in 30.  Of the two, Finnegan has struggled more often in coverage.  That was especially clear last week against Green Bay.

He will have to contend with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery next, and they have a habit of showing little mercy on cornerbacks who are struggling.  Finnegan can have his good days, but he also tends to get overly physical when facing bigger receivers.  It can get him into trouble at time.  That is something the Dolphins will try to avoid and the Bears should seek to exploit.

Notable Injuries

Chris Conte and Lance Briggs Out For Bears

Injuries has just become par for the course for the Chicago Bears defense.  They’ve weathered that storm for what seems like a year and a half.  Every week they’ve been missing somebody and Week 7 is no exception.  Starting free safety Chris Conte is out with a sprained shoulder and veteran linebacker Lance Briggs also remains sidelined with rib problems.  They will certainly be missed given their experience, but the trend has shown the Bears have found ways to adapt.

Jimmy Wilson Out For Dolphins

Miami, meanwhile is enjoying a run of good fortune on the injury front.  The only notable loss they will have Sunday is safety Jimmy Wilson.  He is doubtful for the game and was their primary nickel corner in passing situations.  It does put further strain on an already difficult task for that secondary but otherwise they have nothing more than the typical bumps and bruises that come with an NFL schedule.

Pick:  MIA 14, CHI 21

The weather may be cooler with some overcast but otherwise a good day for football is expected.  Still, given the importance of this game for both teams it will be tightly contested.  Defense will dictate the tempo most of the way with each pass rush landing a haymaker once or twice.  In the end, a late turnover by the Dolphins will enable Chicago to go ahead and get their first home win of the season.

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