Erin Andrews Was Doing Fine, Then She Spoke

Erin Andrews Was Doing Fine, Then She Spoke

Erin Andrews, Hunter Pence

First, Erin Andrews tries to bully Buster Posey’s kid, and now she is making up words that Hunter Pence never said. Is Erin Andrews hot? You betcha. Should she be interviewing athletes after World Series Game 1 victories? Apparently not.

Postgame Interview

Erin Andrews interviewed San Francisco Giants OF Hunter Pence after the Giants’ Game 1 victory over the Kansas City Royals. She began the interview with simple baseball facts and a simple question. Then, she decided to toss Pence a softball, asking him to compliment Madison Bumgarner. Pretty simple, right?

Then it all went to shit:

EA: “Well, you’re the voice of this team. You told us today the theme of the pre-game speech would kinda be, “There’s nothing to fear.” You just handed the Royals their first loss of the Postseason. You absolutely took this crowd out of it. What’s the next message in that clubhouse?”

HP: “Yeah, well that wasn’t the message, and I wasn’t the speaker. It was actually Casilla. And Casilla…his whole thing was…”

EA: “You said that was the theme, right?!?”

Pence then went on and apologized for correcting Andrews. Seriously, that happened.

What’s the Big Deal?

The opinion of many is that Andrews only has her job because she is really hot. Like, hotter than Pam Oliver hot. So for some, the postgame interview gaffe was justification and proof that she is subpar at her job.

So, for once and for all (or at least ’til the next time this happens, because there will be a next time) – Should Erin Andrews have a job that involves a microphone and a large television stage, or should that be left to REAL reporters that actually work hard and aren’t clearly hired for their looks?

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