Bears Players removed from locker room
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Following an extremely frustrating loss to the Miami Dolphins, several Chicago Bears players removed from the locker room due to it getting too heated. You saw Brandon Marshall briefly lose his temper on the field, but a lot of people get annoyed with Cortland Finnegan. Did it carry into the locker room?

What Caused the Commotion?

It’s pretty clear that the Bears were as disgusted by their performance as the fans at Soldier Field were. The problem is that there was almost nothing positive to actually take into next week in Foxboro, Mass. Are the players upset with some of the third and fourth down calls? Possibly.

They can be mad at that, but they shouldn’t be mad at Bears fans booing them off of the field at half time. They are 0-3 at home now.


Is Trestman to Blame?

Maybe it’s as simple as this: Marc Trestman is not a head coach in the NFL.

It’s fine to like Trestman as a person, and even more fine to praise him as a brilliant offensive mind. But it’s becoming apparent that he has no control inside the locker room, and the Bears have become soft, for whatever that’s worth.

Trestman needs to wrap the leash around his fist and yank. You have a tough road game, then your bye week. Use the bye week to get ready for the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

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