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Mel Tucker got a reprieve as Chicago Bears fans turned their rage on Jay Cutler, but his job security remains shaky.  Especially since Rex Ryan will soon be available.

New York Jets collapse sealing the fate of Ryan

It’s important to note that Ryan is not a bad coach.  What he’s been able to get out of a typically defunct New York Jets franchise was very impressive.  However, he’s succumbing to the same plague that has consumed many other good head coaches.  He never solved the quarterback position.  Running the ball and great defense can go a long way, but unfortunately it means little when the quarterback is so pitiful.  Geno Smith and Michael Vick aren’t and perhaps never were the answers for the Jets.

Now, in the middle of a four-game losing streak, Rex Ryan is staring down the barrel at the inevitable.  The Jets have five more games before their bye week.  It includes matchups with the Broncos, Patriots, Bills and Steelers.  All of whom have winning records.  Unless Smith magically starts playing better, which isn’t likely, Ryan may not even survive that gauntlet before ownership decides to make a change.

Matt Ryan and Tom Brady may put final nails in coffin of Tucker

The timing could be fortuitous for the Chicago Bears.  They have three games left before their bye week and it’s not a stretch that looks very promising in regards to Mel Tucker.  Included are visits to face Matt Ryan in the Georgia Dome, a building he rarely loses and the other is meeting Tom Brady in Foxborough where he has apparently rediscovered some of his old form.  Based on the general state of the defense and the obvious expectations of Jay Cutler and the turnovers, the chances of escaping with a record of .500, let alone a winning record is very remote.

The Bears could very well use their bye week to shake up the roster, and that includes the coaching staff by dumping Tucker.  Conventional wisdom says they would just promote somebody else on the staff to take his place.  However, Ryan is a special case.  It’s a virtual guarantee that the moment he gets fired teams will be lining up for his services as a defensive coordinator.  The Bears would maximize their chances of getting him by hiring him as soon as possible.

Does it guarantee immediate results?  Of course not.  No midseason coaching hire ever does, but it would lock in one of the best defensive minds in football and give Chicago far brighter prospects for 2015.

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