Chicago Bears Feeling Full Effect Of The Jared Allen Curse

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Some curses are big.  Some are small.  Some are loud.  Some are quiet.  For the Chicago Bears they seemed to have inherited a powerful one from Jared Allen.  They signed the All-Pro defensive end to provide pass rush for the new defense Mel Tucker was rebuilding.  That part of the job he has done thus far.  He was also to help with leadership and direction for the young players like Ego Ferguson, Willie Young and Will Sutton.  That too he has fulfilled.  In return he asked for one simple thing.  He wanted to experience victory in the city of Chicago.

“In six years I’ve never won a game at Soldier Field. I’m excited to win a game here this year.”

Well, based on the recent trend of things he may have to wait another year.  Allen joined the Minnesota Vikings in 2008.  That means he lost six games at Soldier Field over that span.  Thus far in 2014, the Bears are 0-3 at home, which means Allen is 0-9.  Obviously superstition is a part of pro sports but this is starting to get a little spooky.

The Chicago Bears thought they were getting a key pass rusher who could help turn around their defense.  Did they also get a guy who is genuinely jinxed whenever he plays in a certain stadium?  With each mind-numbing stumble the team encounters on the lake front, the belief has to be getting stronger.

Fortunately he still has five more chances this season.  He has to win one right?  Right?

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