Brian Urlacher Calls Out The Bears, Again

Brian Urlacher Calls Out The Bears, Again

It has never been difficult for former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher to find an outlet to give his opinion on what is going on with the current team. Naturally, Urlacher took the recent locker room “issues” and used it to voice his opinion on the “Kap and Haugh” show this morning.

“This Wouldn’t Have Happened Under Lovie”

Urlacher made it very clear on his radio appearance that Brandon Marshall’s “outburst” wouldn’t have happened under former coach Lovie Smith.

It seems that Urlacher loves to paint a picture of the early 2000’s Bears being tougher than the current team. Urlacher continued to say that former leaders in the locker room (Olin Kruetz) wouldn’t have let Marshall go off either.

The former linebacker isn’t the only ex-Bear that has criticized the current teams toughness. You can read about that HERE.

It is starting to feel like Urlacher is acting like a Dad or Grandfather telling their kids that they are soft and things were a lot tougher “in my day.”

Quick Jab At Cutler

To be fair Urlacher didn’t only talk about Marshall’s locker room rant he also took a second to take a quick jab at Bears starting QB Jay Cutler.

If Brian Urlacher is trying to get back into the good graces of the Chicago Bears organization and the fan base he sure is choosing a funny way to go about it.

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