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Skip Bayless decided to “cut ties” with Jay Cutler, according to his latest article. Bayless claims he has defended Cutler throughout his career, but now he’s done. Cutler’s performance last week was a fluke and Bayless thinks he will return to the regular Jay Cutler tonight.

“I’m not buying what I saw from you a week ago last night, when you wrecked San Francisco’s housewarming with the best stretch of quarterback I’ve ever seen you play. Four touchdown passes, zero “no, Jay, no” turnovers. You took a helmet to the chest that would have brought the trainer and doctor running for a lot of QBs. You jumped up and played what columnist Jon Greenberg called your signature game.

I hope he was right.”

Skip, is that his real name? Let’s just say Bayless, uses numerous examples of excuses that Cutler has had over the years. Everything from his days in Denver to his arm being “too strong” to stop making bad decisions, because every throw is possible.

“I still haven’t quite recovered from this season’s opener at home against Buffalo. Your two interceptions canceled your 349 yards passing and two touchdown passes and helped cost your team a 23-20 loss to Buffalo.”

“I’m now convinced you sometimes gun-sling passes just to enhance your big-arm, big-guts mystique. Your excuse: You have such a competitive cannon that you just can’t keep yourself from trying to pull off the near-impossible throw. Many times you have completed “Wow Factor” throws that have made you a ton of money. Too many times, you have thrown it to the wrong team or waited too long for a deep route to develop and gotten the ball swatted from your careless grip.”

This story stems from all the love that Bayless has given Cutler over the years. In the story, he says that he has defended Cutler thousands of times, even got laughed off the air doing it, but he has lost that faith.

Here’s a video of Skip defending him…. like he says he did.

Even though they both went to Vanderbilt, Bayless says that Cutler will never change.

“So tonight against Rex Ryan’s Jets defense, will we see the Buffalo you or the San Francisco you, Jay? Did you finally “get it” against the 49ers? Or was it just another misleading tease, compliments of “Jay” Kaepernick?

I minored in history at Vandy, Jay. Yours tells me you will be what you’ve always been.”

This is insinuating that the Chicago Bears wasted their money on the franchise quarterback, Bayless addresses that as well…

“Just after the past season ended with your Bears going 8-8 and your missing the playoffs for the seventh time in your eight NFL seasons, you were given three more seasons with guaranteed base salaries totaling $54 million (plus four more years with club options). That’s in the ballpark of guaranteed money awarded to Drew Brees ($60 million),Matt Ryan ($59 million), Tony Romo ($55 million) and Aaron Rodgers ($54 million) in the past year and a half. Santa Claus has always been very good to you, Jay, even when you’ve been bad.”

You can read the entire article here, but it’s clear that Skip Bayless has lost all hope in Jay Cutler… he expects nothing but the worst moving forward.

Ironically, almost everyone else in the national media and the Chicago fan base has the exact opposite thinking. Tonight should paint a very clear picture of who’s right and who’s wrong.

Here’s Bayless saying Cutler will have a huge 2014….. which is it Skip?

Bear down.

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