NFL Writers Predict 2014 Greatness from Jay Cutler


The writers have the Chicago Bears ranked 12th in their preseason power rankings poll, but that hasn’t stopped them from predicting great things from the Bears offense. Jay Cutler, recently known as the $126 million dollar man, is expected to do big things this season and the NFL writers predict he will do just that. Granted this hasn’t been reflected in any of their picks for the Super Bowl, but they think Jay Cutler has risen to the level he needs to achieve greatness.

Jay Cutler Has Truly Arrived

“Come January 2015, the Cutler conversation won’t be riddled with questions about his demeanor, toughness, talent or value. No, the only question will be: Has Jay Cutler joined the elite class of NFL quarterbacks? Yes, the “elite” debate is a silly media creation. And I’m not suggesting Cutler will be among the top five quarterbacks in the league. But I foresee the Chicago Bears QB answering his critics by playing a complete season and thriving under the watchful eye of Marc Trestman.

I think Cutler will achieve greatness this fall, maximizing the bevy of weapons at his disposal (includingBrandon Marshall,  Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte) and superbly guiding Chicago into the playoffs. A polarizing figure his entire NFL career, Cutler will enjoy an offseason filled with praise after 2014 is in the books.” (

Since were talking about predictions, Jay Cutler was recently mentioned as a key to the Top 5 Things The Chicago Bears Need To Win The Super Bowl – if he’s ready for greatness in 2014, does that mean a Super Bowl isn’t far behind?

In order for Cutler to do any of these things he has to stay healthy, Cutler has only played in a full season three times in his eight year career.

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