Jay Cutler’s Ribcage Worth $16,537

Jay Cutler’s Ribcage Worth $16,537

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Remember this Week 2 hit?

San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Quinton Dial was fined $16,537 for it. This was one of three very costly penalties from 49ers players as Colin Kaepernick was fined $11,025 for inappropiate language after throwing three interceptions and C.J. McCray was fined $8,268 for unnecessary roughness on a kickoff. Kaepernick claims he did not use foul language nor slurs after rookie cornerback Kyle Fuller intercepted not one but two of his misthrown passes and will appeal the ruling.

The penalty by Quinton Dial however, was the most costly as it gave the Bears a first down in a long yardage situation trailing 17-0. This consequently led to the first of four Bears touchdowns in the 28-20 win in Week 2.

The fine was for leading with the crown of his helmet which is illegal in the NFL and extremely dangerous. It is also a good way to break your own neck.

Thanks Quinton!


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