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Enough is Enough: Javier Baez is a Bust

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Baez Need Not Be In Cub's Future

Chicago Cubs, Javier Baez

The excuses are running thin, quick. For those claiming that his swing is on point and that he is Gary Sheffield-esq and that he’s still young and that power hitters strikeout a ton – GET OVER IT!

It’s better to offer no excuse than a bad one - George friggin’ Washington 

Javier Baez has proven that regardless of your excuses, he isn’t any good and should not be a part of the Cub’s mainstay. Rather, he should be a part of the Cubs’ future, but in the form of a trade that brings productive athletes to the North Side.

Having five hits in his last 40 at bats, Baez has tallied two RBI, two hits and 17 strikeouts – Oh, and ZERO home runs. Javy ‘I just broke my ankle’ Baez has shown us enough already. He is not going to change and should not be with the Cubs long term.

Keep calm and move on…sing that Kris Bryant song.

Written By Guest Writer: Keith Tro

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