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Did you know that Danica Patrick is a huge Chicago Bears fan? The hottest thing in professional racing happens to don the orange & navy every Sunday. From the time she was a kid, Patrick has been cheering for the Chicago Bears, along with her father.

When asked about Lovie Smith back in January 2013…

“My dad thought it was time for him to go. My dad is like me in a sense that our temperament is the same, and we’re really passionate. He’s even more extreme than me, so he didn’t like that [Smith] didn’t really get animated at all, so he read that as, like, not caring. That’s one fan’s perspective, and I thought there were a lot of people that probably like [Smith], too.”


When asked which Bears player she’d like to meet (2012)…

Danica Patrick was raised as a devoted Chicago Bears fan, and the well-known NASCAR driver says she would love to meet one Bears player in particular.

“(Brian) Urlacher,” Patrick said without hesitation.

Why she cheers for the Bears (2012)…

“You know how some people are cradle Catholics? Well, I’m like a cradle Bears fan,” Patrick said. “There was a lot of excitement and also a lot of frustration throughout the years with the Bears that my dad would show. I remember seeing remote controls go flying through the living room and maybe hitting walls. But that’s how much my dad loved the Bears. So as I have grown up, I have just always enjoyed football and I have gotten more into it.

“A lot of people love college football, but I didn’t go to college, so I really don’t have an alliance or a team to cheer for. But I like the NFL, so I cheer for the Bears.”


From one Bears fan to another, we probably wouldn’t mind cheering on a game or 16 with her.

Let’s look at some pics.



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