Chris Sale and John Danks Give Adam Dunn Awesome Gift

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The White Sox dealt DH Adam Dunn to the Oakland A’s in hopes of giving Dunn one last chance at a World Series ring — or umm, the playoffs for that matter.

Dunn and the A’s are in town to play the White Sox this week and Chris Sale and John Danks wanted to make sure Dunn knew he was greatly appreciated in the White Sox clubhouse.

Dunn underachieved big time in Chicago, but never had a negative attitude even though the hard-hitting lefty never lived up to the hype. Adam was a great clubhouse guy and would always give it everything he had in an effort to help the White Sox out.

The gift that Dunn received from Danks and Sale is definitely something that  Dunn will treasure. Adam attended Texas and was even recruited by Mack Brown as a quarterback!

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