Chicago Cubs Shift Their Focus to End 2014

Chicago Cubs Shift Their Focus to End 2014

Chicago Cubs, Anthony Rizzo

As we enter the death throes of a painful 2014 season, there may yet be reason to watch baseball in Chicago. Teams nearly exclusively play division rivals during the month of September. For some divisions that are already locked up, such as the AL East, AL West, and NL East, this doesnt mean much, but in the NL Wild Card race, this could be huge.

With the NL Central, there are two teams competing for one spot. The Cardinals have caught lightning in a bottle, and have launched themselves into first place with room to spare.

Cubs Can Disrupt Wild Care Chase

The real struggle lies between Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. Even though the Chicago Cubs and the Pirates have completed their season series, the Cubs have played a major role in the playoff picture. In September, the Cubs and the Pirates have played a total of 6 times. The Pirates won all six games. Since September 1st, the Pirates have leapt up the  Wild Card standings, supplanting the Brewers in second place.

Between now and the final game of the season, the Cubs and the Brewers play each other just 3 more times, which happens to be their final three games. Those final three games could very well decide the Brewers’ fate, once and for all. Earlier this month, the two played a three game set, all won by the Cubs. Formerly NL Central leaders, the Brewers have faltered over the past month. 1.5 games behind the Pirates for the 2nd wild card spot, the Brewers need a strong finish to September just to be relevant by that final series.

Lovable Losers No More?

The Cubs, although largely irrelevant since early July, could suddenly be kingmakers here in September. This is a role the Cubs have been in since 2010, and if the plan works out, this could be the last time they have to be spoilers for a very long time. A strong September could bode well for the Cubs in 2015. So enjoy the lovable losers playing spoiler while you can.


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