Chicago Cubs Raising Ticket Prices in 2015

Chicago Cubs Raising Ticket Prices in 2015

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Everyone knows the Chicago Cubs are getting better. A better product on the field naturally means more butts in the seats. The front office knows this, so those butts will have to pay a bit more, as the Chicago Cubs raising ticket prices for the 2015 season was a no-brainer.

All of the upper deck will remain the same. The more expensive seats in Wrigley Field will get a bit more expensive.

The average increase will occur in the club, field and lower terrace reserved infield sections. The Cubs determined this after a thorough analysis and review of ticket sales in the primary and secondary markets.

This is the first increase in four years, and I can’t say I blame the Cubs organization for doing it. The increase will be 6% of 2014 prices.

Will this affect you making it out to Wrigley Field? Will the prices on the secondary market go up even more now that the Cubs are expected to have a better team in 2015 and with the price increase? Leave a comment and let us know how you feel.

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