Ndamukong Suh is apparently leaning towards free agency in 2015 and the Chicago Bears are among those keen on landing him.

Suh Keen On Leaving Detroit Lions For New York

He has been one of the most polarizing players in pro football over the past five year.  There may not be a defensive tackle more talented than Ndamukong Suh.  There may also not be one more unpredictable and erratic.  In his four seasons with the Detroit Lions, Suh has posted 28.5 sacks and 142 tackles.  Pro Football Focus has regularly rated him among the best interior defensive linemen in the league.  Unfortunately he also has a reputation as a loose cannon.  Too many times he’s been flagged for roughing the passer, stopping on offensive linemen and starting fights that has many people tired of his antics.

That includes the Lions themselves.  The two sides have chosen to wait until after the 2014 season ends before discussing a new contract.  Suh has taken this as a hint that he is no longer welcome with the team.  Whether true or not, the 27-year old seems intent on testing free agency in 2015, even going so far as to say he’d love a chance to play in New York where he’d be able to grow his brand.

Bears NFL Salary Cap Makes Them Legit Players

It’s an interesting scenario because it can certainly happen.  Detroit can’t just lean on the idea they can use the franchise tag if they can’t reach an agreement.  They would be looking at a $36 million salary cap number for one year doing that.  Considering their already tight cap restrictions, it’s money they can’t afford to pay.

The situation is even more interesting because teams are already lining up as possible suitors for Suh if he does indeed test the market.  Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are one, which isn’t surprising.  Another is the division rival Chicago Bears.  History has shown that players often prefer to stay in the same division when moving to a new team and aside from the obvious risks involved, Suh going to Chicago makes sense.

It’s one of the largest media markets in the country and is especially geared towards sports and the Bears so it would fit Suh’s branding hopes.  Another is financial flexibility.  Based on early projections for next season, Chicago could end up with the fifth-largest amount of cap space among all 32 teams at around $33.6 million.  If Suh doesn’t send his demands too high it’s more than enough to work out a deal.

He would be playing in a 4-3 defense, which he thrives in and would have a chance to play with Jared Allen and former teammate Willie Young at defensive end.  That could potentially give the Chicago Bears the best defensive line in football.  GM Phil Emery has never shown any fear signing players with questionable background, injury or otherwise (see Brandon Marshall).

Is it a risk?  Of course.  Still, provided Ndamukong Suh sees the logic behind such a move and keeps himself out of trouble, ending his NFL free agency tour in Chicago is a very realistic possibility.

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