Brandon Marshall Joining ESPN 1000 Staff

Chicago Bears

ESPN 1000 has recently announced that Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall will be joining the station as a host of the “Brandon Marshall Show”, which will be a part of ESPN 1000’s “Waddle and Silvy“. The show is set to air on Mondays or the day following a Chicago Bears game. The first remote will be held on September 15 after the team’s game versus the San Francisco 49ers. The inaugural show will be held at 115 Bourbon Street in the south suburbs.

Marshall joins Chicago Bears quarterback and close friend Jay Cutler in having his own show on the station. Kyle Long also does a 20-minute segment with Carmen and Jurko, who host a show on ESPN 1000 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM every day.

After sitting in for Cutler on multiple occasions last year, it seemed like a great idea to bring Marshall in for his own show. Him and Cutler are expected to split the hour long segment following Bears games throughout the course of the season.

The news comes just weeks after it was also announced Marshall would become the NFL’s first active TV analyst when he signed a deal with “Inside the NFL”. When that news initially broke, many were concerned about Marshall’s dedication to the Bears and were worried his flying to New York would be too big a burden on him. Now that he is also taking part in a radio show, that burden is even heavier.

Is Marshall trying to do too Much?

Tough to say. Marshall has always been one to try and push his limits it seems. He is very involved in his charity, the Brandon Marshall Foundation, and is invested heavily in spreading the word about mental health awareness.  He’s always said football is just a platform, and now it seems like he has two more platforms to share his purpose.

Being a smart, veteran player, it seems that Marshall will be okay with the amount of activities he’s piled onto his plate for the upcoming year. Splitting time on the radio with Cutler will be good for both of them and his time with “Inside the NFL” has reportedly been worked out extensively with Chicago Bears management.

This is a big season for the Bears, and it seems as if Marshall is as invested as ever in helping this team compete for a championship.


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