Oh Lance Briggs, how Chicago loves you so. All those years you spent with Brian Urlacher striking fear in the eyes of opposing quarterbacks were so much fun to watch. Unfortunately, Brian Urlacher is gone and those times are over. No longer are you able to stay out till the wee hours of the morning buying shots of Patron for you and your friends when you’re supposed to be playing football in the upcoming hours either … which is apparently EXACTLY what you did prior to Sunday’s game versus the Buffalo Bills.

That’s right folks, your linebacker, the supposed “captain of the defense” doesn’t seem to give a you-know-what about anything and would rather be out partying until 4 AM on Saturday morning instead of preparing himself mentally and physically for the Bears’ opening game on Sunday.

C’Mon Man

News flash Lance Briggs: You’re getting old. You’re 33 and coming off a season that featured the worst Bears defense in the history of the franchise. What’s funny is you were a leader of that team, and you’re not exactly setting the best example by hanging out with your friends mere hours before your job begins.

It’s somewhat understandable if this were coming from a rookie or a guy in his first few years in the league, but not you. You should know better.

This defense is a mess Lance, and you’re one of the reasons for that. Take some accountability and save the partying until you retire. It could come sooner than you think if you keep playing the way you did Sunday. (two tackles)