The Chicago Bears are towards the bottom of the list in another NFL ranking according to Bucky Brooks.

The NFL ranks the Bears 20th in Brooks’ best quarterback situations. The list was based off of QB depth charts league wide. The top five in order were the Colts, Saints, Chargers, Packers(ew), and the Broncos.

Brooks had this to say about the 20th ranked Bears QBs.

Starter: Jay Cutler

Backups: Jimmy Clausen and David Fales

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Cutler could be the most talented quarterback in the league, but injuries have kept him from fulfilling his potential as a leader in Chicago. The vet has missed 13 starts over the past four seasons, and his absences have derailed the Bears‘ title hopes. This year, coach Marc Trestman will make it a point to keep Cutler upright in the pocket, to maximize the ridiculous talent on the perimeter (Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery). Clausen failed miserably as a starter in Carolina in 2010 (52.5 percent completion rate, 3:9 touchdown-to-interception ratio, 1-9 record), but he offers some upside as a young pocket passer with solid physical tools.

The Bears backup quarterback situation may not look elite, but I would not put them at 20, right behind the Cardinals(19) and right above the Vikings(21).

What do you think Bears fans, is this a fair ranking, or is it too low for Cutler, Clausen, and Fales?


On Sunday September 25th, 2016 the baseball world mourned as the sport lost a great young pitcher in Jose Fernandez.

Fernandez was just 24 years old.

On the field Fernandez held a 38-17 record with a 2.58 ERA and a 589/140 K/BB ratio over 471.1 innings. He was a two time All Star and the 2013 Rookie of The Year, finishing third in CY Young voting that season.

But Fernandez was much more than just a baseball player. He was a symbol of happiness and freedom. In a game that so many take for granted, he felt honored to play.

Fernandez’ story is known by most at this point. He attempted to escape Cuba three times before finally succeeding on his fourth. Some might know that on his successful attempt he jumped into the water to save his mother who had fallen overboard.

The moral being that Fernandez was resilient. He knew that in America he could have a better life, for himself and for his family. After failing time and time again he kept trying, just so that he could be free.

Upon reaching America not only did he get the riches of freedom, but he lived his dream. He became a starting pitcher in the Major Leagues. And not just any starting pitcher, a pitcher that some have even called a future Hall of Famer.

But before the baseball stardom he was a regular human being. A human being just trying to live his dream while supporting his family.

That’s what makes Fernandez a symbol, and a role model for not just other Cubans trying to defect to America, but every human being living in the USA.

Jose Fernandez exemplified the American Dream.

He broke away from the shackles of dictatorship in search of freedom. He then doubled down and accomplished his dreams to the highest extent. He worked for what he wanted, and he achieved it.

Everyone should be able to look up to Fernandez and his persistence in achieving his dream. He wouldn’t let anyone stop him in his quest.

However there was more to Jose Fernandez. On the field he was always smiling, always having a good time. He brought a positive energy and made sure that everyone around him felt it.





giphy3Even in defeat he kept smiling and had a positive attitude.

giphy5In the past few years, it seems as if the sports world goes through a new tragedy every week. From drug abuse, to sexual and domestic violence, to even murder, athletes have been doing much more wrong than good recently.

But that is where Fernandez differs from the pack.

He was just here to play baseball. He didn’t break the law, he didn’t get into any scandals. He is a role model of a great way to play the game.

It is nice to see a professional athlete having fun out there. These travesties have led the sports world to fall into tense situations in recent years.

But looking at a guy like Fernandez, being so dominant yet loving the game so much is a nice change of pace.

It’s strange, you would never think of a guy who has gone through what Fernandez has to live his life with so much happiness and joy. Yet he went into every start with the same dream, to be an MLB pitcher.

He accomplished that and so much more.

Not everyone is going to go through the struggles that Jose Fernandez had to, but everyone should appreciate what it took for him to make it to the MLB.

Living in America is taken for granted by the vast majority of people who get that privilege. As is playing in the Major Leagues.

Fernandez fought for those rights. He was persistent in his quest and always had a smile on his face.

Jose Fernandez may be gone, but that smile, and that dream will never die.

Thank you #16.