Harsh Words for Brandon Marshall from New York Post Writer

Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears

Despite publicly revamping his image, turning around what was once seen as a troublemaking personality on and off the field, some people in the media are apparently living under a rock and can’t let the past troubles of Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall go.

In light of Marshall’s new gig with Showtime as a regular panelist on “Inside the NFL”, Mushnick believes that since Marshall is a complete piece of shit, that basically sums up why he got the call to appear on the show. Because bad people appear on television.

Brandon Marshall is a Miscreant

Phil Mushnick, of the New York Post, decided to call Brandon Marshall a ‘miscreant’. A miscreant, by definition, is one who behaves criminally or viciously. Now, if we are talking about Marshall’s play on the field, it truly is criminal how he demolishes NFL secondaries. Considering how good BMarsh run blocks, I guess he does have to be relatively vicious. Marshall, as a man, hasn’t had concrete criminal issues since 2009.

What is criminal and vicious, ironically, was Mushnick’s blinded diarrhea on paper and screen everywhere. Naturally, this isn’t his first rodeo involving what seems to be a running theme consisting of delusions and grandeur of black athletes. For example, did you know that the NFL has so many black uniforms because of gangs? Yep, that’s right. An actual theory that Mushnick decided to contrive. He also knows everything about Desean Jackson’s gang history, and understands the code of the streets concerning snitching.

Who Are You To Judge?

The truly unfortunate thing about all of this is that a moron like myself has to defend Brandon Marshall. Now, I don’t know Brandon Marshall. Neither does Phil Mushnick. Our jobs, although separate regarding intent, is to view what is displayed publicly, and report or critique these things. One of us lives under a rock, and views everyone who has ever been arrested as a complete piece of shit for no reason other than stirring a pot. The other sees a man who loves to play football, is brave enough to come out and address his past, present, and future pertaining to his mental health, and commends the guy for his work on and off the field. Here’s a hint: The latter is me; the former is insane.

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