Will Kobe Bryant Pass Up Michael Jordan In Chicago?


If Kobe Bryant can stay healthy this season, (big if) he will most certainly pass Michael Jordan on a prestigious list. Kobe currently sits at fourth on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, trailing Jordan, Karl Malone, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Passing Kareem and Karl is unlikely due to Kobe’s age and the amount of miles he has put on his NBA body, but passing Jordan seem like a certainty.

How long till Kobe passes Jordan?

According to a post on Reddit’s NBA community, we might not have to wait long.

Kobe is currently 592 points behind Jordan. If he plays in every game and averages 21 ppg, that would put him at 588 points going into the Bulls game. If he averages 20 ppg, that would put him 32 points behind.

Obviously, the daily grind of the season will probably be the biggest obstacle for him coming back, but I don’t think 21 ppg is too unreasonable for him. Somehow, I don’t think the NBA scheduling that game on that date in that city is a coincidence.

If Kobe is healthy, he will most likely average over 20 pp. He is really the only option on the Los Angeles Lakers this season, especially after Pau Gasol went to Chicago. The only question is, how long will it take Kobe to get in a rhythm after so much time away from the court. Kobe only played in six games last season,  so it will take some time to shake the rust off.

Another point brought up, did the NBA schedule makers plan it this way to give Kobe a chance to pass Jordan in Chicago?

If they did or not, it would be a cool sight to see Kobe pass up Jordan on Christmas in Chicago. Kobe obviously idolized Jordan like most NBA players did, and he has to have this possibility on his mind.

The only question left, would you give Kobe a standing ovation when he passes Jordan in the building Jordan built?

 Photo Source: HuffingtonPost