What’s Next For The White Sox

Adam Dunn, Strike Out, Chicago White Sox

As the White Sox find themselves 10.5 back of the Division lead and 8.5 back in the Wild Card race, is it too early to assume that the season is over? Should the Sox already be planning for next season? Maybe so. The Sox had a good plan going into this season, and many were optimistic.

They added Adam Eaton from Arizona, inked up their ace Chris Sale, and added a big bat from Cuba named Jose Abreu. They also had promise for Avisail Garcia, and pitchers John Danks and Jose Quintana. But after a few weeks, the White Sox world came crashing down. Garcia, who just recently returned to the lineup, got hurt and was out for months rehabbing a shoulder injury. Danks has struggled all year, and Adam Eaton has been inconsistent, to say the least while battling various injuries.

There have been bright spots too, with Abreu a shining star, Sale continuing his dominance, and a solid year from Alexei Ramirez. Unfortunately, the White Sox still find themselves in a hole too deep to dig out of. So here are 3 things that the Sox should do to improve their team for the following year.

Start to Develop a Farm System

We’ve seen it with the Cubs, as they have built their farm system up and have promise in the future. Cubs fans knew that this year was going to be bad. What if the White Sox were to do the same thing, by building up the system and have more home-grown talent rather than signings and trades, then the Sox may be in a better situation long term. Some may disagree with this, but it does work right? Just look at the A’s, a prime example of a home-grown team.

Strengthen the Bullpen

Obviously, this has been giving the Sox the most trouble this year. The White Sox need to make moves this offseason to strengthen the bullpen. They at the least need to have a few reliable sources for the pen. A good long relief man and setup man, anything will improve this team and shouldn’t cost much money either.

Bye Bye Adam Dunn

We all know this is coming, as his contract is up after this 2014 season. Is there a team out there that is willing to take a chance on him via trade? That would be a good option for the Sox to explore. They could get some real good prospects in return, as well as some real value.

Source: mlb.com