Waiver Trade Deadline Approaching: Should the White Sox Make a Move?


Jose Quintana‘s ERA currently sits at 3.25 overall which is one of the better ERA’s in the league, his ERA is 2.11 over the last ten games, which is outstanding.

So, the question is do the White Sox trade Quintana to get another bat into the lineup?

The White Sox have Carlos Rodon, prized 3rd overall pick, currently in Triple-A and we could see him on the White Sox big league roster by year’s end; thus, trading Quintana for another solid bat would help solidify their lineup moving forward.

With Paul Konerko on his way out and not playing much, and Adam Dunn all but done, the Whie Sox will need to add some bigger bats come next season. The White Sox have a good core of hitters in Conor Gillaspie and José Abreu who are hitting over .300 and Alexei Ramirez who is hitting .285. It appears they may have found their lead-off hitter in Adam Eaton, currently on the DL, but he is hitting over .300 as well. The White Sox will need another bat or two next season to round out their lineup in order to compete with the likes of the Detroit Tigers.

The August 31st waiver trade deadline is approaching and Quintana would be a good candidate. The question is can the White Sox get the proper value in return for a young lefty who has a team-friendly contract in place.

Not counting the White Sox out of postseason play just yet, but this year is coming to a close and a sub .500 record will not suffice.