Two Reasons To Get Excited About the Departure of Gordon Beckham

"Let's face it - the best part of a Gordon Beckham at bat was 15,000 people singing The Outfield's "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight" for 10 seconds."

gordon beckham white sox

While some folks may lament the loss of the White Sox 2nd baseman of the last six years, others are getting excited. While letting someone of Beckham’s pedigree go for so little may be a risky move, here are two reasons why fans should be looking forward to the future.

Reason #1 – Lineup Production

Let’s face it – the best part of a Gordon Beckham at bat was 15, 000 people singing The Outfield’s “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight” for 10 seconds. The man has slashed .204/.306/.374 in his career with the team. In case you’re wondering, those numbers are bad. Like, probably shouldn’t be starting for six years bad. Now, Don Baylor has been labeled a Top 5 Hitting Coach by some, so we could see a Beckham resurgence, but we shouldn’t hold our breath.

Enter – Carlos Sanchez. Most people haven’t heard of this guy. Most Sox fans know the name “Micah Johnson” when you say 2nd baseman. Unfortunately, we also know the phrase “out for season” as well. So who is Carlos Sanchez? He’s actually the organization’s 10th ranked prospect. He’s also the league’s 6th ranked 2nd baseman. Micah Johnson is 3rd amongst all 2nd basemen. Sanchez is currently the 89th ranked overall prospect in the league. It’s not like he’s some guy we’re injecting into a vacant spot in the lineup (hello Marcus Semien). He’s actually slashing .293/.349/.412 this season. Not to mention he owns a 2.33 K/BB ratio and an average 17% SO rate. So the guy can hit, and hit pretty well. On top of that, his fielding percentage this year sits at a .988. That figure would’ve been good enough for 8th in the majors. So we still get defense. All-in-all, this guy gives us a look into our future.

Reason #2 – The Future

While I’m not the Sox fan saying “There’s always next year.” … There really is always next year. Sanchez was already sitting on the Sox 40-man roster, so the call-up isn’t a surprise. It’s one most likely to have occurred this September anyways. Now we just get an extra few weeks to see what Sanchez can do. Rumors of not re-signing Beckham this offseason have been whispered. However, the free agent market for 2nd basemen is a mess next season. The only real option to consider is Emilio Bonifacio. But if Carlos Sanchez is getting a look at 2nd base, what about Micah Johnson?

Let’s not be coy, Micah Johnson is our future at 2nd base. Sanchez actually started 44 games at shortstop this year in Charlotte. We all know and love Alexei Ramirez and his tenure with the team, but he’s 33 and his deal is up at the end of 2016. He is a perfect trade candidate next season if he keeps his performance up, and the Sox are out of contention again. He’s the type of player people want, and don’t be surprised if the Sox go for an Outfield prospect for him. Fans can expect an infield of Flowers, Abreu, Sanchez/Johnson, Ramirez and Gillaspie next season, which is actually the most exciting infield the team has put together in quite awhile. Now if we could just find that 3rd outfielder for next year (Hint: Gillaspie may get some dry runs in the outfield, but it certainly won’t be his permanent home).