Top 3 Chicago White Sox Hats


The Chicago White Sox have had several team uniforms and hats throughout the years. Some worked and others didn’t, but it really comes down to personal preference for fans to determine the best ones.

I decided to focus solely on the hats throughout Chicago’s franchise history and pick the top 3. The hats have always matched the uniform colors but for this list, we’re sticking with the team name (White Sox) as a key color factor.

To help with the rankings, I used a scale of one to five and three categories (below) to pick a winner:

  1. Style (overall appearance of hat)
  2. Team Colors (how does it coincide with team name)
  3. Logo Design 

**There are a lot of designs for White Sox hats, but for these rankings it had to be one that the actual team wore.

So take a look and let us know what you think, especially because everyone probably has their own top 3…


3.) 1982-1986 

  • Style: 5
  • Team Colors: 3
  • Logo Design: 2
  • Total: 10

*Big fan of this hat but in sticking with the team name to determine color rankings, it only scored a 3 in that area weighing it down. The logo wasn’t very creative hurting the score most, but that changed in time…

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