Steph Curry’s “Better Than LeBron” Statement, Not as Far Fetched as You Think

Steph Curry, LeBron James

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry talked with Dan Patrick on his radio show Tuesday morning about a number of topics. The most interesting part of the discussion though, was when Curry was asked by Patrick who the better offensive player was, Curry or LeBron James. Curry said, “Me, gotta be right?”

Now don’t get me wrong, every one who knows anything about the game of basketball knows, overall, LeBron James is the best player in the world today. But, that doesn’t mean there’s not some things other players do better than him. We are strictly talking offense here, as there is no question who is the better defensive player.

So many people from bandwagon fans to members of the media kneel before King James in awe of all his glory, that they are shocked and appalled by any thoughts that are contrary to the popular belief that he is the best in all things hoops.

Taking a closer look, Curry at the very least makes an interesting debate and one could argue that Stephen Curry, overall, indeed has the greater offensive skill set of the two NBA All-Stars.

Curry’s handles (ball handling) are absolutely SICK!!! One can watch him crossover defenders all day and never get bored. There is no debate here, LBJ can’t hold a candle to Curry in this category.

Another aspect of Curry’s game, his jump shot, happens to be one of the most beautiful and smoothest jumpers in the game today. At the end of the day, he may go down as the best shooter in league history. That combined with his deadly range, and LeBron loses in two more categories. Don’t believe me, just ask Kevin Durant.

Curry’s offensive game is masterful and he has a limitless array of shots and layups in his repertoire; however, one of the more underrated skills he possess is his ability to pass the basketball which exhibits in perfect conjunction with his ball handling.

LeBron is obviously very skillful as well, but his game is primarily based on power. He uses his uncanny combination of size, strength, and speed to over power his opponents. Not to say he doesn’t use or have tremendous skill, but it takes less of those skills when you can just bully your way to the hole anytime you want to.

Some fans may blindly worship “The King” and his many talents and some may have a more objective view — at least be open to considering Stephen Curry just may have a case as the more gifted offensive player of the two.

Photo: Chat Sports