The Stats Prove It, Tim Jennings Is Elite


The endless debate over the past year in the NFL has been which cornerback is the best in the league. Richard Sherman, Darelle Revis, and Patrick Peterson, are considered the “Big Three” of the position, but why doesn’t any one mention cornerback Tim Jennings in the discussion?

Note: Revis did miss most of 2012 (14 games) with an injury.

Stats Don’t Lie

When we take a look at the past three years, since Sherman and Peterson entered the league, you have to wonder why Jennings has not been discussed as being a top corner. Since 2011, Jennings has had the second most interceptions in the league with 15 (Sherman 20) , leading the league in 2012 with nine while missing two games.

In 2012, Sherman had eight picks with no missed games, Peterson had seven picks with no missed games, and Revis missed 14 games and had one pick.  In those three years, Jennings beat out Sherman (2), Peterson (0), and Revis (1) in touchdowns with three. Jennings is also tied with Sherman for the most forced fumbles over the past three years, with four, beating out Peterson and Revis who each have none.

While not recording as many interceptions as Sherman in those three years, Jennings blows each of the “Big 3″ out of the water when it comes to tackles. Since 2011, Jennings has posted 173 tackles with the Bears, blowing out Peterson (151), Sherman (138), and Revis (92).  Jennings also assisted on 21 tackles, only trailing Sherman (29) by eight. This is one of the more intriguing stats for Jennings considering his size. Jennings stands at 5′ 8″ and weighs 185 lbs, while Sherman comes in at 6′ 3″ and 195 lbs. Peterson stands at 6′ 1″ 219 lbs, and Revis at 5′ 11” 198 lbs. Jennings is by far the smallest of these corners, yet seems to play more physical purely based on the stats. Jennings also comes in second behind Sherman (52) in passes defended with 44, beating out Peterson (41), and Revis (35).

When it comes to elite cornerbacks, Jennings is often forgotten. One thing is for sure, the stats do not lie.

Tim Jennings is an elite cornerback.


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