It’s Time for Soler Power at Wrigley Field

Jorge Soler, Chicago Cubs

This season has been a strange one for the Chicago Cubs. Never before has a team on pace for 90 losses garnered so much interest. Going from “Mendy-Mania” to “JavyBombs” and now, “Soler Power”, the Cubs have been a surprisingly compelling team.

With the first influx of prospects making it to the Pearly Gates of 1060 W. Addison, Cubs fans are starting to come back after several dark years. In the past 91 games, the Cubbies have gone 46-45, which isn’t too impressive unless you compare it to the anemic 13-27 record they had early on this season.

Unfortunately, many Cubs fans still aren’t fully aware of the young offensive arsenal the Cubs have. While Jorge Soler is a relatively big name, some Cubs fans don’t know what they have in him.

Hit Hit Jorge

Signed in the same year as fellow Cuban outfielders Yasiel Puig and Yoenis Cespedes, Soler hopes to follow in their footsteps. Soler moved up quickly within the organization this year. He started the year in AA, and was moved to AAA on July 22nd. After a month in the Pacific Coast League, the Cubs deemed him ready for major league duty.

Soler has had a difficult road to the major league, suffering a broken leg that set him out of commission for the final stages of the 2013 season. He has also been hampered by hamstring issues that plagued him early this year. However, in the games he has played in this year, he has been stellar.

Soler has hit 14 homeruns, a .281 batting average, with 51 RBI in 54 games played in AA and AAA. While he does suffer from occasional maturity issues, at 22, one should expect that will come with age. His defense has been above average, and he appears to be set at right field.

Where Will the Cuban Hit in the Lineup?

For one reason or the other, Cuba is in the middle of a golden age for baseball, with stars such as Puig, Cespedes, and Jose Fernandez; Jorge Soler seems to be well on his way to join them.

The Cubs seem set with a potential batting order 2-5 of Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro, and Jorge Soler for the remainder of the 2014 season. Cubs fans, we have waited for this moment for years, perhaps, we can start hoping for the present, rather than the future. The end (of fans’ wait) is nigh!