Smokin Jay Cutler vs Johnny Football


There is no easier player to hate than a quarterback who doesn’t perform. Especially young pampered ones who have no respect for their teammates, coaches and fans. Johnny Manziel is a prime example but Chicago Bears fans know another: Jay Cutler

Cutler sulk 1Cutler sulk 2

We all know that pouty face. The disinterested glaze Cutler gets when things don’t go his way. The indifference to the outcome of his hiccups on the field. We’ve seen it time and time again and know that Jay isn’t role model material. Or is he?

He might actually be a good role model for Johnny Manziel. Like Manziel, Jay was a total D-bag in his younger years. He was a spoiled rotten, a-typical collegiate quarterback who just didn’t give a damn. It was feared his offensive line would quit on him. Adewale Ogunleye, a well-respected defensive end, was quite outspoken about it:

“If you live in a glass house, you can’t throw any stones, ” Ogunleye said, via the Chicago Tribune. “So the way I am looking at the game, no one is yelling at Jay when he is throwing the ball three [actually four] times to their defenders. And you’ve got to have some sense of accountability. At the end of the day, you start losing the respect of your teammates, you start losing the respect of that offensive line when publicly you’re bumping people and yelling at them in their face. I don’t think it is the right thing to do.”

Time to do some learning Johnny, Boomer Esiason says you are going to get your a** handed to you and that’s a pretty good bet if you keep up the pace you’re at. Only it might not be on the field, it might be Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine who does it. Pettine is not pleased with Johnny’s partying nor his finger malfunction.

Johnny Money Phone

Fortunately, Jay Cutler has done a lot of growing up and we can all see the major change.

Photo(s): ESPN, ClevelandSportsMemes, SB Nation