VIDEO: Santonio Holmes Rips Up Cleveland

santonio holmes

Well, Santonio Holmes just earned himself a spot on the 53 man roster …. that’s assuming that he’s done what he’s needed to do off the field as well during camp (learning the playbook, staying out of trouble, listening to coaches, etc.) Here’s a couple great plays he made last night during the Chicago Bears final preseason game and his first real opportunities to make an impact.

30 Yard Punt Return

Holmes catches the ball cleanly, avoids the first tackler, makes a hard cut up field to split two Browns defenders, then shows his speed for a nice 30 yard gain. As good of a play as it was, it didn’t even look like Holmes got to full speed – he’s probably a step faster come the regular season.

32 Yard Touchdown

David Fales finds Holmes on a skinny post, Fales put the ball on his outside shoulder allowing him to quickly spin out of the cut and head up the sideline. Holmes shows his speed once again by casually jogging into the end zone.

Videos courtesy: @DaBearNecess

It was nice to see Holmes display some of the flashes that once landed him a Super Bowl MVP trophy with the Pittsburgh Steelers, even if it was against the Browns’ 4th string. The Bears lost the game 33-13.

Off the field, Holmes did something notable, too. According to Bears sideline reporter Lou Canellis, Holmes gave the ball from his first Bears TD to rookie quarterback David Fales, who threw the pass. Classy move.

During an interview that took place before the game, Jay Cutler made it clear that he likes having Holmes around.

“Catches the ball well, extremely explosive, fast. He’s exciting. We’ve just got to get him caught up with everything right now. It’s hard coming in where we are offensively and just kind of throwing him into the mix.” – Jay Cutler

Holmes had just one catch for seven yards against Seattle in last week’s game, even though he only had one catch in Clevland – he made it count. Adding that catch to his speed in the punt return game, along with a vote of confidence from Cutler, and that should pretty much assure Holmes another opportunity to prove himself heading into the regular season as a part of the final roster.

Bear Down.