Predicting Every Game for the 2014-15 Chicago Bulls


Chicago Bulls Basketball- The NBA schedule is out! And like any obsessed Bulls fan, we immediately went through and started writing in the W’s for this year’s basketball team. With a lot of factors yet to be determined (i.e. Derrick Rose and how effective he will really be) we went through the entire schedule and determined just how well the Bulls will do.

Fun Facts About the Schedule:

  • The Chicago Bulls play 17 back-t0-back games, including eight before January 1st
  • The Bulls will play on national television 25 times, 10 appearances on ESPN alone
  • All four of the Bulls match-ups with the Cleveland Cavaliers will be in front of a national audience
  • Chicago will go on it’s annual West Coast trip from Nov. 17-30 that includes  7 games this year
  • The Bulls will also go on a 6-game excursion toward the end of January, before returning to the United Center on February 10th.


Chicago BullsKey Games:
  • Oct. 29 @ New York: It’ll be the first time Chicago gets to see Derrick Rose play a meaningful game since the beginning of last season. Anyone remember what Rose did versus the Knicks the last time these two teams played on Opening Night?
  • Oct. 31 vs Cleveland: LeBron, Kyrie and Kevin Love (assuming everything goes according to plan) versus Derrick, Pau and Noah. What more could you ask for? This match-up will be the first of many great battles. Get ready everyone!


Chicago BullsKey Games:
  • Dec. 3 @ Charlotte: This will be the first time the Bulls will face the improved Charlotte Hornets — And yes, I did write Bobcats initially. Although they probably won’t be a major threat, the Hornets are not going to be a team to overlook this year.
  • Dec. 23 @ Washington: It’ll be the first time these two teams square off since the Wizards embarrassed the Bulls in last year’s playoffs. Look for Chicago to get it’s revenge.
  • Dec. 25 vs L.A. Lakers: It’s Christmas!!!


Chicago BullsKey Games:
  • Jan. 10 vs Milwaukee: Jabari Parker and the Milwaukee Bucks will face the Bulls in Chicago in the former Simeon product’s homecoming. Expect a lot of cheers for Jabari, but a Bulls victory in the end.
  • Jan. 25 vs Miami: Luol Deng returns to Chicago, this time wearing the hated Miami Heat uniform.


Chicago BullsKey Games:
  • Feb. 12 vs Cleveland: February should be the easiest month for the Bulls, but this game versus the Cavs will probably be the first real look at what this rivalry will be. Expect Cleveland to have everything figured out chemistry-wise by this point, making for a fun show for us fans.
  • Feb. 21 vs Phoenix: Following the All-Star Break, in the second of a back-t0-back, after flying home from Detroit the night before, the Bulls may not be as sharp as they usually are.


Chicago BullsKey Games:
  • Mar. 1 vs L.A. Clippers: CP3 and Blake Griffin come to town in what will be one of the more entertaining games at the United Center all year. It will also be a match-up of the two top point guards in the league.
  • Mar. 3 vs Washington: This is the second of a tough three-game stretch for the Bulls. Luckily they’ll have the home crowd on their side and should take care of the Wizards.
  • Mar. 5 vs Oklahoma City: KD and Russell Westbrook come to the United Center. Although the Bulls should be the better team, OKC will sneak away with this one.


Chicago BullsKey Games:
  • Apr. 5 @ Cleveland: The final match-up between these two juggernauts before the start of the playoffs. Could this be foreshadowing a possible Eastern Conference Finals showdown…

Final Record: 60-22, No.1 Seed in Eastern Conference