Paul Konerko Honored in New York [VIDEO]


This weekend Paul Konerko made his final trip to Yankee Stadium and it was expected that he’d be honored in some way. New York didn’t disappoint as they presented Paulie with a base signed by Yankee players.

“It’s the highlight of the year for me so far, ” said Konerko, who was born in Providence, R.I. “[Yankee Stadium’s] all I ever knew as a kid. The fact that I’m getting a gift for something I did on the field in all the time between that and now is mind-boggling. You just don’t think about things like that.”

When the Chicago White Sox honored Derek Jeter earlier this season, it was only fitting to have one captain return the favor to Konerko in the final showdown of the veterans.

“A classy move by them, you don’t expect it, and to have Derek out there as the guy giving it to me, that’s pretty cool, ” Konerko said.

Paul Konerko finished 0-4 in the game but at this point in his farewell tour, it’s about the memories more than the stats…

SOURCEChicago White Sox
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