Chicago Bulls Pau Gasol Spending Off-season Unselfishly

Chicago Bulls, Pau Gasol

Changing teams can be tough for many athletes. You have to move furniture, memorabilia, and other valuables. You have to arrange for your family to get all settled in, whether that be with daycare, school, or other daily activities. During the off-season, especially, it interferes with your downtime.

Pau Gasol was uprooted from his comfort zone in Los Angeles, and chose to come to the Chicago Bulls. There is still time before the season starts, and despite what one would assume is a busy schedule, Chicago Bulls Pau Gasol is still using his free time to support charities and put a smile on their faces.

This past week, Gasol was at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles spending time with sick children. He posted a picture to his Facebook page that displayed him and a child named Dylan playing with Legos and planes. Good on you, Pau!