Pau Gasol Has Beaten On Kevin Love His Whole Career


The Cleveland Cavaliers are the talk of sports world right now,  after acquiring Kevin Love most are picking them as the favorites to represent the East in the Conference Finals. The Chicago Bulls acquired Pau Gasol this off-season, not nearly as big of a headline but there may be a few things that surprise you about these two All-Stars.

In 15 career games against each other, Pau Gasol averages more than Kevin Love in a few key stats that the Bulls need to improve on….especially scoring.


  • Gasol – 19.7
  • Love – 16.3


  • Gasol – 11.3
  • Love – 13.3


  • Gasol – 4.0
  • Love – 2.1


  • Gasol – 2.1
  • Love – 0.3


  • Gasol – .585
  • Love – .420

Gasol has averaged 18.3 pts, 9.2 rbs and 1.6 blks for his career, while Love averages 19.2 pts, 12.2 rebs and 0.5 blks per game for his. Most would look at these stats and put the two forwards basically equal, but that’s not the end of it. In 15 career games, Pau Gasol’s team has won 14 times! Gasol is 14-1 against Love.

Based on that … combined with the simple fact that Kevin Love has never played one minute of post-season basketball, some Bulls fans would rather roll with the two-time world champion and take their chances. Cleveland gave up 3 first round picks, including two #1 overall selections. The Chicago Bulls had to pull out their check book and kick Boozer out of town.

Doesn’t sound so bad to me.