NFL Players Say Jay Cutler Is Least Deserving Of Contract

This is a pointless question … players are not paid for what they have done, but Cutler shouldn't be least deserving.

jay cutler contract

A recent study done by ESPN revealed that the players in the NFL think Jay Cutler’s contract is least deserving, based on any QB that makes over $15 million per year. ESPN then created this nifty little infographic to spell that out for you … Jay looks a bit skinny, no?

jay cutler least deserving


Do you agree?  Is Jay Cutler the least deserving QB out of that group?  Let’s take a look at the four mentioned.

Examining the Career Numbers Of Each QB on the List

Career QB Rating

  • Jay Cutler: 84.6 QBR
  • Matthew Stafford: 83.1 QBR
  • Eli Manning: 81.2 QBR *
  • Matt Ryan: 90.6 QBR

Career Touchdowns

  • Jay Cutler: 155 TDs (9th season) – avg 17 per season *
  • Matthew Stafford: 109 TDs (6th season) – avg 18 per season
  • Eli Manning: 229 TDs (11th season) – avg 20 per season
  • Matt Ryan: 153 TDs (7th season) – avg 21 per season

Career Yards

  • Jay Cutler: 23, 937 yards (9th season) – 2, 659 avg per season *
  • Matthew Stafford: 17, 457 yards (6th season) – 2, 909 avg per season
  • Eli Manning: 35, 345 yards (11th season) – 3, 213 avg per season
  • Matt Ryan: 23, 472 yards (7th season) – 3, 353 avg per season

Career Record

  • Jay Cutler: 56-48, .538 win percentage (9th season)
  • Matthew Stafford: 24-37,   .393 win percentage (6th season)*
  • Eli Manning: 85-66, .562 win percentage (11th season)
  • Matt Ryan: 60-34,  .638 win percentage (7th season)

* = group low

When you examine the numbers, it would appear that the NFL players were on the right track …. At this point in their careers, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford really haven’t earned the money they have been paid. Out of the two though, it’s clear Stafford should be least deserving not Smokin’ Jay (look at the wins). In either case though, this is a pointless question … players are not paid for what they have done.

If anyone says Jay Cutler hasn’t earned his money … you can simply reply “players are paid for what they are expected to do, not for what they’ve done.”

Bear Down.