NFL Predicts That Aaron Rodgers Will Be 2014 MVP

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Oh, boy the the NFL’s and ESPN’s poster boy is at it again.

It appears that everyone still loves Aaron Rodgers.  In a recent article by Around the NFL writers, each of the writers chose their MVP candidate for the 2014 season. Here are their choices:

Gregg RosenthalAaron Rodgers

Marc SesslersAaron Rodgers

Kevin PatraAaron Rodgers

Chris WesselingDrew Bress

Three out of four of these expert writers pick the golden boy out of California, to win this years MVP award. Why?

A comeback story and tour de force wrapped into one: Aaron Rodgers saw last season wiped away by a fractured left collarbone, but he’s healthy and coming off his “best” offseason, per coach Mike McCarthy. Around The NFL correctly ranked him as the world’s finest quarterback, and I’m expecting nothing less than a fever dream under center come September.Yes. It’s a boring pick,

Yes, very boring, actually predictable. Next.

Predictions should all line up. The Packers are my top NFC team this year and (Spoiler alert!) my pick to win the Super Bowl. It only follows that Rodgers will get rewarded with his second MVP trophy along the way.

The weapons around Rodgers remain outrageous

Look all I am saying is that while yes, Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback, the NFL and ESPN do not have to jump on the pony of Rodgers and his cheesehead teammates and praise him as the next coming of Moses. Jamaal Charles, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and even Chicago’s own Matt Forte or Jay Cutler are possibly better MVP candidates.

So, that does it. Might as well just give him the award now. Aaron Rodgers Will Be 2014 MVP. NFL loves them some Aaron Rodgers. And it sickens me. It should sicken you, too.



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