“Mini Miggy” set to Return to Chicago White Sox Lineup?

Chicago White Sox, Avisail Garcia

The Chicago White Sox are about to get one of their highly touted outfielders from the start of the season back on the field for them.

Avisail Garcia, once expected to be out for the season, has rehabbed quickly from a torn labrum in his shoulder. He has been on assignment in Charlotte for a few weeks now, and has logged over 50 at-bats, while playing at least 14 games in the outfield. All signs point to a return to the lineup in the near future. Team Manager, Robin Ventura had this to say about a potential return:

“In Spring Training, you’d probably have around 55-to-60 at-bats that you would feel comfortable with him, so he is getting closer. I know he’s been playing a lot in the outfield, so that’s good news.”

While the likelihood of the Sox to make the playoffs diminishes a little more each day, the club should be excited to see how breakout rookie Jose Abreu and Garcia feed off of each others bats when in the lineup.

The return could also give the Sox a little time to place a player like Dayan Viciedo on waivers, and see what the team may get in return. In any case, once Adam Eaton returns from the DL, the White Sox will finally have the lineup they wanted at the beginning of the season.

Photo Source: thecatbirdseatblog.com