Mike Ditka Has Some Harsh Thoughts About Chicago Bears Defense

mike ditka

In his most recent segment of Four Downs With Ditka, Da Coach had some nasty things to say about the Chicago Bears defense. Known for his brutally honest opinion, Ditka didn’t hold back when asked about his thoughts on the 2014 unit.

“Looks like they still have the same old problem. I know they played a lot of different people, but the defense doesn’t look very good.”

Ranked 25th for the 2014 preseason by Pro Football Focus, numbers indicate that Ditka might be right, if the preseason means anything.

What did you think of the Bears in their fourth and final preseason game?

It’s not like you can flip a switch, and all of a sudden it will get better. You have to have it ingrained in you that you’re doing the right thing, or you’re not going to get the right results when it comes time for the season to start. They have some work to do on defense, no question about it.”

Some fans are quick to blame Mel Tucker, those that thought he should have left after last season are only frustrated more after the less than impressive preseason this year. The “fire Tucker” conversation won’t end until the Bears put a respectable defense on the field that can stop the run.

Do you believe that the defense will look vastly improved over last season in Week 1?

Talent is one thing. But coordination of the talent and how you play as a team is another thing. I’m not saying the players aren’t there. They’re just not coordinated, and they’re not playing well together.”

That’s just a nice way of saying Mel Tucker should be canned.

There are a few things the coach may have overlooked though. The Bears actually ranked 15th for stopping the run this preseason, but dead last in pass rush. Considering Jared Allen only played 29 snaps, and Lamarr Houston 76 … it’s safe to say the Bears are expected to drastically improve that pass rush ranking when taking the field in week 1.

Even though Mike Ditka appears to have zero faith in the Bears defense, others seem to think a top 20 finish is very realistic for them this season.

Bear Down.