Matt Forte Is Still Underrated

matt forte fantasy

In your fantasy football drafts, you know the “big 3” running backs…. LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Adrian Peterson. In Chicago, there’s a certain running back who seems to be overlooked all the time. That would be Matt Forte.

Forte has put up some impressive numbers, yet doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He was second to LeSean McCoy in rushing yards (1, 339) and rushing first downs (74) last season. Those numbers, in particular, are important to your fantasy team, and with an offense like the Bears, Forte’s numbers could be even better this year. Forte had 9 rushing touchdowns last year too, putting him tied for 4th in that category.

Matt Forte

Matt Forte’s ability to move past defenders with his quickness will definitely be an asset to the Bears, and your fantasy team. If you have Matt Forte and are upset you didn’t get Charles or McCoy, for example, don’t fret. Forte is not just an upcoming star running back, he’s starting to be included in a “big 4” discussion, which is why you can’t go wrong with him on your team.

This season the Bears and Matt Forte should have great value, fantasy wise. Look for Forte to put up similar numbers, with even more possibility for growth with the plethora of weapons around him. If Forte can manage more 20+ yard runs (he had only 9) with his improved o-line, then he will surely help anyone’s team. He’s a great option as your number one running back, so don’t overlook him and take a chance passing him up.

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