Little League Team Beats Chicago Cubs and White Sox

Little League Team Beats Chicago Cubs and White Sox

Little League World Series

Most smart fans didn’t have very high expectations for baseball in April, and now that we are in mid-August, the optimism is all but deceased. Enter a Little League team from Chicago’s Far South Side, and excitement for baseball locally exists again!

So much excitement exists that the Jackie Robinson West game on Thursday, the first of their appearance in the Little League World Series, had nearly higher ratings than the what the Chicago Cubs and White Sox average combined. Their 2.7 rating trounced the Cubs 1.5 and White Sox 1.4 season averages on Comcast Sports Net.

This doesn’t include WGN’s ratings, but I doubt that would help out very much considering the law of averages. It is especially interesting due to the debuts of Javier Baez and Jose Abreu this season. It is really nice to see the Chicagoland area supporting the Jackie Robinson West team though!


Photo Credit: Twitter @DeltaDiva3


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BA in Radio Talent/Production from Columbia College Chicago. Lifelong South Side Irish. I like all teams. Yes, I like both the White Sox and Cubs...I like it just as little as you do. UFC/WWE fan. The 2002 Sacramento Kings are my favorite all-time team.